Forward Technicolor UPC router logs to Synology NAS


Recently I had been having many problems with my Technicolor TC7200 router provided by UPC. Basically happened that the connection speed was slowing down until it was practically zero and the only way to recover the connectivity was resetting the router. It was happening once a day, sometimes twice… That was very annoying!!!

I logged in the router administration website to check the log registry and discover what was going on with the Internet connection and I got basically this:


A crappy, bad designed and useless interface with a tiny list of events registered by the router, as well as a poor level of features and filtering options. In short, the worst system to NOT find any issue.

Hopefully, you can forward the router logs to another device within your network where they can be processed and displayed properly, like a computer, a server or, in my case, a Synology NAS. Do you want to know how to do that? Keep reading ^_^

First of all, you need to access to your router administration website by introducing the IP in your favorite browser (Firefox probably) address bar. By default


Enter your credentials and click on “Login” button. By default username and password are “admin” (it is time to change the default password if you have not already done it):


Click on “System” > “Log” > “Syslog”. Enable “Remote Logging” and introduce the IP address of the log server, which in our case is the Synology NAS. Write down the port number to use it further:


Now enter in Diskstation Manager (DM) as administrator and click on the top-left corner button to open the main menu:


Click on “Log Center”:


Click on the “Storage Settings” tab and select the destination for your log files. I have chosen in this example a shared folder with the name “logs”. Also mark the check box “Compress log archives” to save space in the NAS:


Click on the “Log Receiving” tab and mark the check box “Receive logs from other devices” within the “BSD format settings” area. Also introduce the port number used by the router that you wrote down before:


Now, if you click on the “Log Search” tab and filter by “From other servers” on the top, you will see the full list of logs coming from your router. You will have also the option to export them in a HTML or CVS file:


Thanks to this fantastic system I was able to detect in real time what was going on with my router and report the issue to UPC with a hight level of detail.

[Update] UPC is going to send me a new replacement router without charging anything to resolve the issue. Easy Peasy! ñ_ñ

4 thoughts on “Forward Technicolor UPC router logs to Synology NAS

    1. That is the point! I am glad to know that you found it useful! 🙂

  1. Thanks for this, I was hoping to find a way to change the port. It is annoying to have to change every other configuration just to accommodate to this 512 port, isn’t it?

    1. In general, the lack of options to customize this router is very annoying… I don’t think changing the port number is possible but if you find a way, please share it! 😉

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