GoPro camera mounts kit


What happens when you have a GoPro camera, you want to record the most amazing video ever and share it with all over the world?

It happens that, unless you do downhill mountain biking, surfing, parachute jumping, snow boarding, freestyle motocross or another kind of sport in which you can end up totally mashed, your video will be… disappointing.

While you learn some of these dangerous sports, the first thing that you need to record a video with your GoPro camera is a good mounts kit.

The GoPro camera pack only comes with two mounts that have an 3M adhesive, one for stick it on flat surfaces and the other one on curved surfaces. But, what about if you want to attach the camera in your bike handlebar or your bike helmet? You can not.


The correct solution should be purchase the specific mount in the official GoPro website but, the problem is that they are very expensive. And if you want to purchase more than one, probably you will waste a lot of money.

The real solution comes, as a friend of mine told me, searching on Amazon mount kits of GoPro manufactured by third-parties. You will figure out a huge variety of different packs with mounts to attach the camera in all the places you can imagine.

After a while looking at the different kits that you can find with all kind of different combinations of mounts, I decided to purchase this one for 26 €, because it is the one that more fits to my needs:


It includes the following:

  • Bike handlebar mount.
  • Tripod mount.
  • Suction cup.
  • Chest strap mount harness and adjustable base.
  • Head strap belt.
  • Micro HDMI HD cable.

The whole kit looks very well and the quality is very high if you compare it with the original ones. In my opinion it is a “must buy” and I recommend it to all GoPro owners.

Henceforth I hope to record better videos with all this stuff! ^_^

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