New blog theme


I have just finished the new theme of the blog, based on the Independent Publisher theme available at

There is another version of this theme created also by the same author, but I preferred to use the one at because the layout was closer to what I was looking for.

The changes that I have applied into my child theme are not a big deal but they help to show the blog a bit more customized 🙂

I have uploaded the original theme and the child one into my GitHub repository wordpress-themes, so feel free to download it if you want to use it in your own blog.

Android phone as IP camera with Synology Surveillance Station


Long time ago I thought to install Surveillance Station in my Synology NAS to have a surveillance system at home for those periods where I am abroad. However, after checking the high prices of the IP cameras, I quickly dismiss my plan 🙁

A few days ago, looking for ideas to know what to do with my old Android phone, I discovered that one of the possible uses was to turn it into an IP camera with an app named IP Webcam, and suddenly the idea of having a home surveillance system came to my mind again.

If you are interested in knowing the steps you have to follow to set up your Android phone as an IP camera and your Synology NAS to have a home surveillance system, keep reading 🙂

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Forward Technicolor UPC router logs to Synology NAS


Recently I had been having many problems with my Technicolor TC7200 router provided by UPC. Basically happened that the connection speed was slowing down until it was practically zero and the only way to recover the connectivity was resetting the router. It was happening once a day, sometimes twice… That was very annoying!!!

I logged in the router administration website to check the log registry and discover what was going on with the Internet connection and I got basically this:


A crappy, bad designed and useless interface with a tiny list of events registered by the router, as well as a poor level of features and filtering options. In short, the worst system to NOT find any issue.

Hopefully, you can forward the router logs to another device within your network where they can be processed and displayed properly, like a computer, a server or, in my case, a Synology NAS. Do you want to know how to do that? Keep reading ^_^

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How to grant administrator privileges to Windows applications with CMake


Sometimes happens that you need grant administrator privileges to Windows applications because you need to access to some kind of hardware feature, launch a child process within your application or anything else. Otherwise, your application will not be able to perform these actions.

For that, you need to create a manifest file in which you have to indicate that you application should ask the user for administrator privileges and, after that, embed the file in your application executable.

If you are also using CMake and you want to include all this tricky stuff in your build process, keep reading.

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GoPro camera mounts kit


What happens when you have a GoPro camera, you want to record the most amazing video ever and share it with all over the world?

It happens that, unless you do downhill mountain biking, surfing, parachute jumping, snow boarding, freestyle motocross or another kind of sport in which you can end up totally mashed, your video will be… disappointing.

While you learn some of these dangerous sports, the first thing that you need to record a video with your GoPro camera is a good mounts kit.

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